'Into the Woods' movie trailer: There's more singing!

Christmas Day is just around the corner, which means that Disney's "Into the Woods" is coming very soon, too. However, when the first trailer came out, not many were pleased and some were worried if the movie will be what they expect. Perhaps the second trailer of "Into the Woods" would prove to be a better preview of Disney's Christmas treat.

In this newly released trailer, there's much more singing involved, which is what people were looking for in the first trailer. In the latest trailer, there are two musical numbers performed. The first is the "Into the Woods" prologue refrain and the other is "Stay With Me" sung by Meryl Streep's Witch to Rapunzel.

"Into the Woods" is a story based on the most popular fairytale characters. But in both trailers and even in the promo posters, it is obvious that the adaptation is taking a darker route.

"I didn't want this to look like a cartoon world," director Rob Marshall told Entertainment Weekly. "It's not sunny, sunny, sunny — we wanted a sense of danger."

True enough, Streep's Witch looks like the "sense of danger" that the fantasy woods really needs.

Indeed, the second trailer is much more pleasurable and satisfying. It has replenished the hopes of eager viewers that "Into the Woods" will stick to its real roots — a musical. HitFlix pointed out that lately, musical movies are "scared" to show actual musical numbers when promoting the movie. "Annie" was cited as an example. So, for Disney to show this new trailer proves that they're very confident with the film.

Hitflix also noted a few other things to be noticed in the new trailer. According to the site, Streep does a better job singing in this film compared to "Mamma Mia." Also, that the woods looks like the world in "Maleficent" and that Chris Pine's English accent isn't bad at all. Lastly, the site humorously noted that Johnny Depp's wolf looks more like a cat. Would moviegoers agree?