Establishment of National Day of Thanksgiving

A hundred Christian leaders gathered in the compounds of Government House at 5pm for a speech by the Governor-General of Australia, His Excellency Michael Jeffery.

Those gathered represented every state and Christian denomination. An official letter of endorsement from Prime Minister John Howard was read by Chairman of the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship, Mr. Bruce Baird.

Aboriginal Elder, Rev Cedric Jacobs, gave his support for the National Day of Thanksgiving and shared his vision. He also encouraged the indigenous people to rise up and to thank fellow Australians for coming to Australia.

Mr Brian Pickering of the Australian Prayer Network honored God by testifying how a dream for a National Day of Thanksgiving became a reality. He also added that the prayers of faithful Christians across the nation made it possible.

Today, approximately 70% of Australian population belongs to the Christian faith.

The National Day of Thanksgiving was confirmed at the inaugural meeting of the National Prayer Council at Parliament House Canberra on 17th June 2003. The Council voted unanimously to support Brian Pickering and Australian Prayer Network, and 29th May 2004 was established as the National Day of Thanksgiving.

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