Intel and AMD rumors: New Intel mobile CPUs revealed to have AMD Vega onboard GPU

Intel official websiteRuth Brain speaks at an Intel program at the Technology and Manufacturing Day in San Francisco about the processor's leading performance.

After the fierce central processing unit (CPU) competition, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Intel are finally teaming up, as a leaked slide shows Intel incorporating its competition's graphics processing unit (GPU) into their mobile CPUs.

A leaked roadmap of Intel's CPU plans has revealed that the company may be planning to utilize the Radeon Technology Group, which was previously Array Technology Inc. (ATI) but has since been bought by Intel's competitor, AMD. The upcoming Coffee Lake-H or Cannon Lake-Y 8th generation processors from Intel will be released bundled with a Radeon Rx Vega GPU as its onboard GPU.

The said leaked roadmap slide also featured a "Vega Inside, Mobile Performance Outside" slogan, a play on Intel's "Intel Inside" slogan. Notebook Check has suggested that this new slogan could mean that laptops or notebooks with Intel CPUs may be utilizing AMD's mobile versions of the Vega GPU. AMD, however, may also be incorporating these mobile Vega GPUs into their Ryzen CPU-powered laptops.

AMD will also be introducing its Ryzen Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) for laptops and notebooks with AMD CPUs, which may or may not include a stripped down version of Vega 56 as one of its most powerful discrete GPUs.

Still, WCCF Tech's take on the leak is that instead of a discreet Vega graphics card solution, Intel will be squeezing the graphics processor into its CPU, which could mean that Intel may be planning to replace its Intel HD Graphics as an onboard GPU solution for laptops. Speculations are not far-fetched since Intel's mobile GPU deal with AMD Radeon's competitor, NVIDIA, ended back in March 2017, meaning they may well be looking for a replacement.

Despite the leak's proliferation, Intel has denied the rumor of their cooperating with AMD to offer mobile GPU solutions for their future CPUs. Both Intel and AMD are also keeping mum at the moment regarding the speculations.

Cannon Lake-Y mobile CPUs of Intel will arrive early in 2018.