'Injustice 2: Black Manta' DLC to be released next week

YouTube/InjusticeBlack Manta arrives with Hellboy and Raiden in the upcoming Fighter Pack 2 DLC for "Injustice 2"

Among the anticipated downloadable content (DLC) characters of "Injustice 2," Black Manta is the one fans are waiting for and thankfully, he will be available by next week.

The "Aquaman" villain has already been available since Sept. 12. However, Black Manta is only playable for those who own the special edition of "Injustice 2." Moreover, the update was only for Xbox One users; PlayStation 4 users will have to wait a little while longer.

On Reddit, a player elaborated on the time frame of when the character will most likely be available.

"The last three DLC characters has came out at 11:00 am EST so it'll probably be the same here, so around 11:00 am, restart your console and manta should be available to download," the fan said.

The technologically-armed marine is one of the three characters included in the "Fighter Pack 2" DLC, which also includes Raiden from "Mortal Kombat" and the cigar-loving action hero Hellboy. The release of the two characters has not yet been announced, however.

This batch is included in "Injustice 2's" Ultimate Edition, but it can also be purchased separately. The first "Fighter Pack" cost $20 while each of its individual fighters — Sub-Zero, Red Hood and Starfire — was priced at $6 each.

The game's publisher, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, together with video game developer NetherRealm Studios unveiled the character during the annual video game fair Gamescom held last Aug. 22–26.

Several days later, a first look was made available for the fans during a developer livestream.

Black Manta's offensive features seen in the livestream were his technological weapons, ranging from daggers to energy beam firearms. He is also able to hover in the air using his jetpack.

"As forces converge upon Atlantis and its King, a current of vengeance flows through the ruthless undersea mercenary known as Black Manta," read NetherRealm's official description of the character. "Sworn to avenge the death of his father, Black Manta has long waited in darkness for his moment to strike."

"Injustice 2's" DLC will be available for download on Tuesday, Sept. 19.