India: Gospel for Asia teams reach flood-hit villagers

After being halted by a landslide, one of two Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams reached the village where it planned to offer flood relief in India's Uttarakhand state.

Families received food to last a month, which included rice, lentils, sugar, salt, masala mix, potatoes, onions and soybeans

Meanwhile, the second team still waits to continue toward another destination.

Pastor Baha Udeen, who is overseeing relief efforts from the monsoon floods, described the teams' progress on July 9: "The first team . . . has started distribution. People are coming after walking long distances to our distribution centre.

"Our second team is still 10 kilometres from its destination. The road is blocked. We are barely 18 miles from the point of impact. There has been no help in these areas for the last 23 days.

"Even as I send this text message, the hill on which we stand is making huge noises and sinking into the river. Locals say many are still trapped near the impact point. Rescue operations are still underway as helicopters fly over us."

Because of the extensive damage done to roads and land, many towns and villages are only reachable by government helicopter

"Please pray God will help us [the second team] to somehow reach our destination, even if we need to carry relief materials on our back. Pray God will protect us."

The first team has since finished its distribution, and the second team remains blocked by damaged roads. While they wait, the second team has distributed supplies to 200 nearby families, and with the help of the government, Pastor Baha Udeen took supplies by helicopter to the last known village beyond the point of impact.

Please pray for:

* Clear, fixed roads so the second team can reach its final destination.
* Enough supplies and easy access for every family in need.
* Strength and protection for the teams as they travel and deliver supplies.
* People to clearly see God's love in our Compassion Services teams.

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