iMac 2017 release date news, specs updates: computer with Kaby Lake tipped for release early next year; device better than the Surface Studio?

Apple has already released a number of brand new innovative products this year, but the company seems to be taking its time in releasing its next generation all-in-one computer, the Apple iMac.

The highly-awaited new version of the company's highly popular computer was initially expected to launch alongside the new MacBook Pro last month, but when that didn't happen fans began to wonder about the reasoning behind its delayed release.

According to reports, the main reason why Apple may have chosen to delay the release of the new iMac is to incorporate Intel's latest Kaby Lake-based processors. If the device will indeed be sporting the new chipsets, then it will definitely have the upper hand against its competitors as the chip is reportedly going to be significantly faster than anything that is available in the market today.

Aside from being radically faster in terms of performance, the new chips will also be less power-hungry, which translates to a better battery life. The latter won't really matter on the wall-plugged iMac, but it is still a feature that is worth noting.

As of the moment, the brand new iMac will be facing some very stiff competition when it comes out. Microsoft has already released their own version of the iMac in the form of their all-in-one PC, the Microsoft Surface Studio. The company's new device had been dubbed by some users as an 'iMac Killer' seeing as it provides features and performance way beyond that being offered by the current generation iMac.

Despite this, some reports are claiming that Apple may yet regain its top position in the market. If the new iMac does sport the latest Kaby Lake chips, then it will already have that advantage against its other main competitors. The next generation iMac is expected to be coming out early next year, with some reports claiming that it could be unveiled to the public as early as January.