'If I didn't believe in God I would be living in so much fear,' says Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson says people can find courage in the Bible verse Exodus 14:14. It says: 'The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.'(Instagram/Sadie Robertson)

"Duck Dynasty" teenage star Sadie Robertson has always been proud about sharing her deep-rooted Christian faith, so when she joined the West Coast Winter Jam this year, the young reality star once again tried to inspire her audience to put their trust in God despite all of life's ordeals.

Sadie said if not for God's presence in her life, she could not imagine herself staying calm and at peace with all that is happening in the world. She made no specific mention of the recent Paris terror attacks, but it seemed like Sadie was alluding to that horrific incident.

On her Instagram account (@legitsadierob), Willie and Korie Robertson's daughter shared a photo of herself on stage then captioned it, "After a very vulnerable message last night hearing the words with tear filled eyes 'God breathed through you tonight' completely made me (lose) it. What an emotional amazing night of God just being so evident in the room on the last show of the West Coast Winter Jam. That is just how amazing our God is."

She then shared some pearls of wisdom on what it is like to find strength and confidence in God. "We have got to hold close to the voice of God & allow Him to breathe through us in this time that our world is going through right now," she writes. "If I didn't believe in God I would be living in so much fear. BUT the power of our God is so much greater than any power in the world. So right now in this time of fear in our country hold close to the voice of God. He is here in the midst of the craziness."

Sadie recommended that people read up on the Bible verse Exodus 14:14 because "it says all you need is to be still." The verse reads: "The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still."