I Am Second launches Spanish version

The I Am Second website has launched in Spanish at YoSoySegundo.com

The popular website features testimonies from the lost and the broken who have found faith and a new life in which Christ comes first.

The first testimony on the new Spanish site comes from Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist Myrka Dellanos.

A stack of accolades are testimony to her stellar career but she is also known for her three high profile marriages, including one that involved domestic abuse.

She recalls how her dream as a little girl was for one long-lasting marriage to that special guy who would treat her as a princess, protect her and open the doors for her.

That dream fell apart when her first marriage did. The second wasn't much more successful when her husband told her he was struggling with the commitment to be with just one woman. He left to have time to think but didn't return for 10 months and they divorced by mail, never to see each other again.

"When one puts on her wedding dress and stands in front of the mirror, or plays with her friends that she's getting married, you never play divorce; that is not part of the game," she says.

Despite the first two failures, Dellanos tried again with husband number three but he ended up being arrested for domestic abuse and he later confessed to marrying Dellanos so that he could be on the television.

"I've been successful in my life. In every aspect but marriage," says Dellanos in her short film.

Although she has tasted failure, Dellanos has a message of hope for others and challenges them to consider whether being second is actually better than being first.

Her short film can be watched on YoSoySegundo.com. An English subtitled version is also available on IAmSecond.com

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