Hymns for Christian Life

Modern day hymn writers Keith and Kristyn Getty release their latest project from Kingsway on Monday.

Hymns for Christian Life is billed as "their most personal album to date" and sees the duo explore contemporary themes like work, family, community and social action.

Much of the inspiration for the album came from their break in Nashville two years ago

They decided to take a time out from touring and welcomed their first child, Eliza Joy, to the world.

It was also a time of connecting with their community.

Keith remembers the conversations he had with friends around the dinner table and on the front porch, ranging over big questions like what it means to succeed in work but not make it a god, and how to handle doubt.

He shares: "This unique pause in our schedule allowed us to engage with our church family, band members, neighbours and local musicians about how the gospel story touches every part of life."

Their time in Nashville also influences the album musically, with elements of bluegrass and country music woven into their trademark Irish sound.

Keith adds: "Irish music essentially gave birth to folk music. Having lived in ireland and now in Nashville, we can harness the best from both musical styles in our songwriting for the church."