Hungary offers Iranian Christian convert sanctuary after Sweden threatens deportation

An Iranian Christian convert, due to be deported from Sweden back to Iran, is being offered asylum in Hungary.

Aideen Strandsson's appeal was rejected by Sweden, where she has been living after converting from Islam to Christianity, despite her facing prison, rape or even death if she was returned, according to CBN

The Hungarian government has closed its borders to refugees and migrants fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East and north Africa and has refused to accept its quota of people under the European Union's forced relocation scheme.

Saying it wants to 'preserve the Christian values' of the nation, Hungary has turned its back on Muslim refugees in particular.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said that he wants to protect the Christian character of his country.Reuters

But a government statement on Wednesday says Hungary was 'ready to recognise the girl from Iran as a refugee who the Swedish authorities intend to send back to the Islamic Republic'.

Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén said Strandsson can expect a 'favourable ruling as Hungary does not send anyone back to a country where his or her life or physical well-being may be in danger'.

He said: 'Taking in persecuted Christians is our moral and constitutional duty all at once.'

Justifying his country's approach to refugees he added: 'Right from the beginning, we have differentiated between economic migrants and genuine asylum-seekers. We protect Hungary from the invasion of migrants, but we provide help for genuine refugees, those whose lives are in direct danger on account of their religion, nationality or political affiliation.'

Strandsson came to Sweden in 2014 on a work visa and adopted a Swedish surname after starring in films and a TV series in Iran, according to CBN, who first broke the story.

She left Islam after watching a video of Muslims stoning a woman to death and decided then she didn't want to be a Muslim any longer, CBN reported.

Then she had a dream.

'I had a dream about Jesus, and I remember he was sitting near me and he took my hand,' she said.

After converting she was publicly baptised in Sweden and has faced multiple threats from Muslims since.