Hundreds of Christian leaders join hands to urge US Congress to junk Iran nuke deal

A group of protesters gathers before US Vice President Joe Biden's meeting with Jewish community leaders at the David Posnack Jewish Community Center in Davie, Florida, on Sept. 3, 2015.Reuters

Emulating the examples of Moses and the prophet Esther who fought for what was right before their powerful leaders, about 650 Christian pastors and leaders have joined hands to call on members of the US Congress to junk the Iranian nuclear deal hatched by the Obama administration.

Uniting under the banner of "American Christian Leaders for Israel," the network—which represents tens of millions of Americans—considers the nuclear deal as a threat to both the United States and Israel.

Mario Bramnick, president of the Hispanic Israel Leadership Coalition, said Congress members need to realise their biblical duty to protect the people of Israel.

"We need to know that in Genesis we are mandated to bless Israel and that those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed," Bramnick said.

"The US now, from a biblical standpoint, is in a very dangerous situation. Our administration through this deal has turned its back on Israel, jeopardising the security of Israel and opening the potential floodgates with issues regarding the judgment of the Lord," he added.

The network of Christian leaders particularly wants lawmakers to oppose any deal that will not require the dismantling of nuclear weapons in Iran.

Bramnick explained that the Iran nuclear deal, in its current form will allow the continuation of nuclear operations in Iran through "deception and delay."

"This deal, if the truth of the deal is ever made known to the American public, should be an outrage to every American whether they are Christians or not, and whether they are Republicans or Democrats. It not only poses an existential threat to the security and safety of Israel; it is a major threat to our own national security," the Christian leader explained.

"Also, there were secret deals that allow Iran to collect its own soil to prove compliance without any inspections, and, most outrageously, a secret deal that would have the US administration defending Iran against attacks from 'outside countries'—in other words, Israel if it would seek to sabotage Iran's nuclear programme," he added.

Susan Michael, the US director for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, meanwhile, called the Iran nuclear deal as "disastrous," and urged all Christians to oppose it.

"We must continue to keep raising our voice and to continue to stay on top of what Iran is doing. This network of Christian leaders in support of Israel is unprecedented and reflects the gravity of the situation," Michael said.

The group's effort seems to be paying off. On Friday, Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin, a top Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, announced that he is opposing the Iran nuclear deal, giving more numbers for those who want to junk the agreement.

Cardin explained that he will oppose the deal to prevent Iran from being a nuclear state, and to prevent "the nightmare scenario of a nuclear-armed Iran."