Humble Beast Records welcomes Jackie Hill

(Photo: Facebook)Jackie Hill

Humble Beast Records, with its array of talented believers committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and truth of the living God, has added the newest addition to the family and what an addition it is!

Jackie Hill, renowned for her heart wrenching poetry, joins the likes of Beautiful Eulogy, Eshon Burgundy & Propaganda and requested prayers concerning her new record due to be released in the coming weeks.

Most of the individuals well acquainted with the work of Hill will know her from P4CM (Passion for Christ Movement), which consists of a variety of poets all diligent in their craft as they seek to express God and the word of God.

Following her conversion in the year 2008, when God drew her out of darkness adopting her as his child, Hill has been blessed and enabled by God's grace to share her testimony through poetry, clearly depicting a great transparency, boldness and directness.

Prior to her conversion, Hill had quite a difficult upbringing ranging from being molested by a family friend, bullied at school and fatherless. These became the catalyst for her lifestyle of homosexuality, drug use and porn addiction, all accompanied by a separation from God.

This portion of her life is often the topic of her poetry which presents the way in which God drew her to himself and addresses others who are in darkness and living in similar lifestyle.

Hills' piece entitled "My Life as a STUD" can only be described as one of the most profound and encouraging examples of poetry you will ever come across.

Hill is explicit explaining through her poetry the extent of her depravity, sharing details concerning her former lifestyle and rebellion and the continual pursuit of Christ in spite of her sin, a beautiful picture of unconditional love and a living example of the gospel at work.

The poet often crosses the line with particular topics which other believers are hesitant to address for fear of offence. Homosexuality is definitely one of them, a subject with Hill confronts with compassion, experience and biblical truth.

Jigaboo is also a piece which certainly reflects the above, exposing the truth of false preachers and rebuking believers regarding our tendency to be moved by emotion and words which tickle the ears rather than the word of God taking final authority.

Hill's gift of poetry is one which has exhibited grace, truth and demonstrates a beautiful balance of metaphorical flair and is always delivered in a well-articulated manner, yet holds a plainness which gives less room for the message of the truth of God to be misunderstood.

Those who have followed the work of Jackie Hill can surely testify to the beautiful way in which God is demonstrated to be merciful, gracious, loving and powerful.

If this opinion resonates with you, it is no wonder Jackie Hill's addition to Humble Beast records is to be applauded. We have already heard a taste of her poetry and have sampled her artistry on her collaboration on Beautiful Eulogy's Organized Religion from the Instruments of Mercy album. May the work of Jackie Hill continue to bless, encourage and correct believers, and spread the gospel to those who are yet to know this glorious truth.