HTC One 2 (M8) release date in 'early 2014' with 4mp camera; May come with Snapdragon 805 and on-screen buttons

The HTC One charmed its way into the hearts of critics and consumers alike, and leaked images of the HTC One 2 (codenamed the HTC M8) suggest a similarly slick smartphone from the Taiwanese company for 2014.

An announcement is expected on the next HTC flagship phone and @evleaks speculates that the HTC M8 will be launched in New York City "late March" - not the Mobile World Congress as had previously been thought. 

It's also got to be one of the most leaked smartphones ever - although some are being called into question, like the supposed fingerprint scanner. 

Recent images point to the device having no fingerprint scanner.  Images published by show the HTC M8 coming with a dual camera on the rear, supposedly to improve picture quality.

That would certainly make the rumors of a 4mp camera on the rear and 2.1mp camera on the front a little more interesting.

There is some speculation that this could even mean allowing users to take 3D images, or it could be HTC One's attempt to improve photos in low-light and high-light conditions with the use of two sensors.

HTC followers are also not sure whether the HTC M8 is going to be one of the devices to receive Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 805 processor, which is rolling out in the first half of 2014.

There has been no word from HTC or from Qualcomm about this.

At 4.7-inches, the HTC One already had a pretty roomy display and @evleaks reports that the HTC M8 is only going to be boosted by another 0.3-inches to a 5-inch display.  It's a case of big and bigger.

@evleaks tweeted what is supposedly an image of the HTC M8 homescreen, showing a few changes, like a white battery symbol instead of dual-colored like the HTC One.  It also suggests a tweaked Blinkfeed aggregating social networking and news content onto one screen. 

@evleaks also tweeted that the HTC M8 would be the first HTC device with on-screen buttons, replacing physical keys on the device's exterior.

@shen_ye tweeted that the HTC M8 would be available in black, blue, red and grey, although leaked images suggest the grey is actually silver.