How to keep your New Year's resolution

If you're already finding it tough to stick with your New Year's resolutions, it's not uncommon.

According to "Statistic Brain", only 75% of New Year's Resolutions are still in place after the first week and at six months only about 46% of these goals are surviving.

A few adjustments to your original resolution can make all the difference for success, according to Board Certified Life Coach and author of Christian devotional "Walk With God Today", Brian Williams.

"There are several keys to long-term success in setting and achieving all types of New Year's goals, including spiritual ones," he says.

Brian suggests that a few small adjustments can make a big difference in long term success:

Make sure you are really ready to change that area of your life. It's not too late to change your goal if you picked an area you are really not ready to work on yet.

Set a goal that is realistic. Make your first step achievable and as you gain momentum, you can increase it.

Get accountability and support. Recruit others to partner with you such as a person who is already successful in this area, someone working on the same goal or a professional coach.

Make sure to stick with your new goal at least three weeks. It takes about three weeks to start forming a new habit, at which time the new action starts to become easier.

Ask God for help and direction through prayer, especially if your goal is for spiritual growth.

Source: Christian Newswire