How to Endure with Spiritual Changes in the 'Life of Seasons'?

“Life is a series of ups and downs" many elders may confess as they are clinging to the end of the life. In many religions and philosophy, people have investigated into this matter and tried to find the answer. Among all, Christianity, the word of God, has provided us the truth and the answer.

Pastor Donnetta S. Mathis, a senior pastor of Zion Restoration Ministries Inc. in Lincoln, Neb. has published a new book named 'Understanding Life’s Seasons: Wisdom to Stand in Spiritual Conditions.' It helps people discover that the hardships and changes in their lives aren’t merely events to be dealt with.

Mathis describes life like seasons in nature. People endure seasons of change in life by quoting the corresponding bible scripture in Ecclesiastes, "there is time for everything". She gives inspiring advice to readers that failure, loss and any other misfortunes in life will not last forever. In times of adversity, the best way is to remain faithful to God and not to give up. Galatians 6:9, "Let us not be weary in well-doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not."

In addition, Mathis also explained the suffering and pain in our life in a positive attitude. She writes, "God uses loss, adversity, loneliness, hurt and bitter seasons to develop our character that we can become Christ like."

'Understand Life's Changes' is a spiritual survival guide that unlocks a persons' inner strength. Mathis' book prevents people from crumbling under the weight of life's seasons.

Mathis is the senior pastor of Zion Restoration Ministries Inc. in Lincoln, Neb. She often speaks at conferences and writes inspirational articles. She attended school in Texas, California and at The Bible College of Ministry in Georgia. She encourages others to step out in faith as they strive to reach their destiny in God.

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