How much would you pay for a first date?

Guys are happy with a simple DVD night but ladies have bigger expectations when it comes to the first date.

Stumping up £30 for a quiet night in watching a DVD and tucking into a takeaway seemed like a reasonable first date to most men surveyed by savings website

But these guys - and their wallets - are in for a surprise after most women said at least £100 should be spent on the first date.

And a DVD and takeaway won't quite do it, as more than half said they wanted a romantic dinner in a restaurant, and four in ten said they wanted an "unexpected adventure".

Fewer than three in ten ladies said they would be happy with a DVD.

Perhaps a sign of changing times, almost half of the men surveyed think the date night bill should be split. That might not sit well with the nine in ten women who still think it's the men who should be picking up the tab.

George Charles, of the, said: "We may be living in a time of economic struggles but - with 40 per cent of men suggesting women should pay half the cost of a couple of pizzas and DVDs - one could perhaps question whether the tradition of male chivalry is dead."