How important is money to you?

Brits believe they need on average £1,772.50 a month to survive, according to new research.

And according to the survey by online payments provider Skrill, the amount men estimate they need each month surpasses that of women.

While women say they need £1,626.09 a month to survive, men put the amount at £1,969.78.

The survey of 2,000 adults also gave some revealing insights into how important money is to some Brits, with three in ten admitting that money was more important than their friends.

Just over a quarter (28%) said money was a bigger priority than spending time with their family.

The difference between survival and comfort was also found to be relatively small.

While £1,772.50 was the average minimum figure given by British adults to survive through a month, only an additional £150.25 was perceived to be required to be comfortable.

To live a life of luxury, however, Brits estimated they would need around £4,413.50 a month.

East Anglia is the UK region where Brits need the least, averaging £1,383.93, compared to the West Midlands, where residents require the most – a significant £1,910.53 per month.

The survey also asked people what they go without when they are hard up, with the majority saying they cut down on socialising with their friends, going out less with their partner, and giving up exercise or going to the gym.

Siegfried Heimgaertner, chief executive of Skrill, said: "Money is an important part of our day-to-day lives and something that it is impossible to live without, so it is interesting to see how much people perceive they need and the value they place on that figure.

"When it comes down to survival, for many, money is a bigger priority than their friends,
and even their own family.”