How does Natalie Grant answer God's call of obedience?

Natalie Grant juggles her singing career and motherhood.

How does Christian singer Natalie Grant honour God's call of obedience?

Grant shared on her Facebook page that she does this by being a devoted mother to her three girls and by singing songs about Jesus. And according to the singer, nothing could be more important and fulfilling.

"Not that I always subscribe to what Oprah says, but I like this quote from her: '...honour your calling. It's why you were born and how you become most truly alive,'" she wrote.

Grant added that it's difficult juggling all her priorities, and it can get pretty tiring too. But when she looks back on all the things she has done in honour of God's name, all the exhaustion and pain simply washes away.

"I'm often asked how I balance it all. Ha! I'm not sure what 'balance' is," she jokingly shared. "I'm actually better acquainted with exhaustion. But even in the midst of my exhaustion, there's rest and peace in my soul because I'm honouring the call of God on my life to be who HE has made me to be, and there's a grace that comes amidst the chaos because I'm being obedient to Him."

Grant also said that each person in this world has a special mission from God, and that people should concentrate on striving for God's excellence instead of worrying about what other people are doing or longing to take up someone else's calling.

"Don't run after someone else's 'balance' or calling...just run after yours with all of your heart, knowing He'll have a grace on your life for whatever HE has called you to do. Obedience brings blessing," she assured.

Aside from singing about Jesus, Grant is helping spread His word by teaming up with Zondervan for the re-launch of Faithgirlz, a series of books and Bibles that will guide girls aged 9 to 12 in their spiritual development.