'House of Cards' season 5 spoilers: Frank's end to be sealed by powerful women

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"House of Cards" season 5 is achingly close to being released on Netflix and rumors are painting quite a tantalizing picture of what to expect next season.

It certainly seems Frank is going to be put through his paces as he tries to keep a tight grip on power.  But can he fight off a powerful contender for the White House? 

It is being reported that there will be a nailbiting race for the White House when season 5 airs in May and the show will put its own spin on the real-life U.S. presidential elections that held the whole nation in suspense last November right down to the final moments when Donald Trump was declared the winner.

We know already that "House of Cards" season 5 will see the introduction of two new characters to the show, one of whom is Patricia Clarkson. 

It's being speculated that she will be a formidable opponent for Frank and be inspired by real-life political powerhouse Hillary Clinton who fought a dogged race for the White House against Trump and inspired millions even in defeat.

And it's possible that there may even be a three-way struggle for the White House involving the other new addition to the character roster, Campbell Scott. 

It could go any way, as Netflix has only confirmed that Clarkson and Scott have joined the cast.  They haven't given any specific details about their characters or the roles they will play. 

But it's being reported that their characters could be responsible for the downfall of Frank and Claire and that unlike Clinton in the real U.S. presidential elections, Clarkson's character will win.

There's also been an older rumor in the rumor mill, which predicts that Claire will have a sinister hand in her husband's downfall, possibly even teaming up with the crafty Doug Stamper to assassinate him.  Now that would be a nail-biting plot twist.

Whatever the case, we can be sure "House of Cards" season 5 will be full of the awful political machinations and power struggles that have kept viewers glued to their screens for the last four seasons.

"House of Cards" season 5 is set to return to Netflix May 30.

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