'House of Cards' season 4 spoilers: Frank to fight his former wife for presidency and kill Doug?

New spoilers of "House of Cards" season 4 tease two things. First is the struggle of Frank to rise from the recent turn of events. Second is the speculated death of Doug Stamper. A lot is being said about the new season, but whatever the direction it is bound to take, fans expect more action.

In the previous season of the Netflix hit, Frank is trapped in a sea of troubles. While fans hope to see him rise from his trepidations, which include making an enemy out of his solicitor general and the whole of Russia, the question is how it will be played out.

Frank and Claire's relationship wasn't perfect but it sure gave the conniving politician something to stand on. But how will things go for Frank in "House of Cards" season 4 when the person he treated as his ultimate bedrock has abandoned him?

There are a lot of whisperings about what will become of their relationship. Some say they will be back together for image's sake and others tease that Frank will see Claire next not as his wife but as an opponent during the forthcoming 2016 election (which, by the way, will be made to reflect the real-life election in a way).

It remains to be seen what Claire's next move is but as far as how Frank was in the previous season, iDigital Times expects that in "House of Cards" season 4, he will somehow be given the chance to groom himself back to the scheming leader he really is.

Meanwhile, in Claire's absence, one could think that in a way, Doug could fill in. But rumors suggest that in "House of Cards" season 4, Frank's closest ally will meet his demise. Much worse is that his death will be in the hands of Frank.

Some reports however, expect that with Claire no longer around, Doug and Frank's bond will be highlighted in the new season, which is set to premiere on Netflix sometime next year.