'House of Cards' season 6 release date news, spoilers: Possible premiere in 2018; Claire's turn to address the audience

Twitter/HouseofCardsKevin Spacey plays Frank Underwood in "House of Cards"

Even though season 6 of "House of Cards" has yet to be determined, there are already plots brewing since the last episode of the fifth season. Season 6 might bring about a rivalry between Frank (Kevin Spacey) and Claire (Robin Wright), and perhaps Claire's turn to address the audience directly. 

Given how things ended for the Underwoods in the season 5 finale, it seems likely that a season 6 is in the cards for the Netflix show and will most likely happen in 2018. However, executive producers Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese are not sure as to how far they can take the show, according to TV Line. Gibson and Pugliese stated that the show's renewal is not entirely up to them to decide, and that the show is, in a creative sense, a new terrain. 

Should "House of Cards" get a sixth season, there are some questions that can be answered, such as whether or not Claire will be addressing the audience as Frank did in the previous seasons. Pugliese may not have directly confirmed this, but he did say the interesting thing about Claire taking center stage is how she is going to break the fourth wall. "Claire's needs to the audience are unique to her. We want Francis and Claire to be equal but different," he said. 

Another plot that could play out in a potential sixth season is the rivalry between Frank and Claire, and Pugliese revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that everything Frank and Claire said in the season 5 finale was a hint at what was to come for and between the two of them. Now that Frank has turned over the Presidency to Claire, there is definitely going to be a shift in their marriage.

It does leave everyone with the question of whether or not Claire will need Frank by her side now that she has become the Commander-in-Chief. Pugliese went on to say that even though Frank and Claire have agreed to stay with each other and support each other, whether or not that is still possible remains to be seen. After all, Frank, as he addresses the audience, threatened to kill Claire if she does not fulfill her end of the deal to pardon him.