'House of Cards' scrambling to rewrite season 6 without Frank Underwood

Promotional photo of TV series "House of Cards."

Netflix is fast-tracking its changes in "House of Cards."

It appears that the showrunners Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese of the political drama from Netflix is on the clock to attempt to overhaul "House of Card's" sixth and final season without Kevin Spacey and his character in the mix.

According to CNN Money, insiders from the show have said that it's not likely that the show will get cancelled in the wake of Spacey's sexual harassment scandal, but rather the producers and writers of the show are working together to come up with ideas of how to rewrite the season without the actor's character Frank Undwerwood.

One avenue that the creative team is looking at is the idea of killing Frank, which is not really a big of a stretch. In its British version, Francis Urquhart, Underwood's British alternate was shot and killed. This idea would be a welcome move for fans of the show who have been batting for Frank Underwood's wife Claire (Robin Wright) to become the series' lead character and carry the show.

Spacey's sexual harassment scandal has gotten bigger by day since the story broke out two weeks ago. It started when Anthony Rapp who appears in "Star Trek: Discovery" recalled a story from almost 30 years ago accusing Spacey of sexual misconduct when Rapp was only 14 years old.

Netlfix and Beau Willimon, the creator of "House of Cards," reacted swiftly on the allegations, with Willimon deeply troubled by them, the streaming giant made the announcement that the sixth season of "House of Cards" which was already in the middle of shooting, will be its last. However, more of Spacey's victims have come out, including "House of Cards" crew members. Netflix, along with its production company Media Rights Capital, stopped the shooting of the series and eventually fired Spacey from the show.