Holiday spots that pile on the pounds

The summer is well and truly over but if you're consoling yourself by thinking about your next big trip away, Thomas Cook has some advice about the places that could add some unexpected pounds to you.

According to their latest research, it's not only the suitcase that feels a little heavier on the way back.

The USA may be known for it's extra large portions and fast food, but Thomas Cook's research found that Brits are actually more likely to put on weight holidaying in Greece.

Men are also more likely to be affected by weight gain during their break than women. On average, women take an extra 1.5lb in body weight back home with them, compared to a hefty 5.5lb for men.

Turkey is a popular choice for Brits wanting sun, sea, sand and culture, but the average holidaymaker was found to put on 3lb over the course of a 10-day stay there.

Despite that famous healthy and delicious Mediterranean diet, holidaymakers to Greece typically gained 3.3lb.

Portugal came in third place with average weight gain at 2.9lb, followed by the US in fourth.

Thomas Cook said the research suggested weight gain happens on the sunnier shores where great food can be found at great prices, and where holidaymakers are less likely to be physically active.

The tour operator advises weight-conscious tourists to steer clear of all-you-can-eat hotel buffets, a common meal option on package holidays.

Weight gain could also be caused by drinking, with half of holidaymakers admitting that they drink more alcohol whilst on holiday.

For a happy holiday that'll also keep you trim, Thomas Cook recommends Ireland, Canada or Germany.

The tour operator says: "You don't need to sacrifice sunshine for weight loss, however, and exercise can be done at any holiday destination.

"So, whether you are on cheap holidays in Tunisia, the Canary Islands or Greece, why not go for a long stroll across the beach instead of sunbathe all day? Your belly will thank you for it."