Historic Welsh Bible college to re-launch in Rugby

The Bible College of Wales in Swansea is hoping to boost the number of students it trains when it re-launches in Rugby later this year.

The board of Global Horizons, the body that operates the college, said on Thursday that the move was part of a wider strategic review aimed at increasing the number of students it is able to train in the UK as well as abroad.

From autumn, the college will be housed in a purpose-built, non-residential centre and run under the new name of The Trinity School of Theology.

Global Horizons is currently in talks with York St John University about the possible launch of a new accredited UK training programme that will include theology courses at the degree, foundation degree and certificate levels, as well as a number of work-place secondments. The organisation is also looking to increase the level of investment in overseas training as part of the re-structure.

The Bible College of Wales was founded in 1924 by the preacher and prayer intercessor Rees Howells with a vision to take the Gospel to all the nations. After the transfer of the academic studies to Rugby, the existing campus in Swansea will be used as a base of prayer and the home of Swansea Community Church.

Alan Scotland, Chairman of Global Horizons said: “We believe that this new strategy provides the best way of continuing the original aims of the founders both at home and abroad and securing its future in the decades to come.

“Our intention is to train people who are well equipped to take the Christian message to many parts of the world in the 21st century. It is important that we train in a way that is relevant to this century.”

Global Horizons currently trains approximately 150 students a year both in the UK and overseas, in partnership with Lifelink International.