Hindu nationalists attack nuns in India

Around 40 Hindu nationalists attacked the Novitiate of the Presentation Sisters convent in India earlier this month, assaulting two of its nuns.

The group forced its way into the convent, in Gondarmug village in Madhya Pradesh, on May 15 with hockey sticks, cricket bats and stones before vandalising the building.

According to the Rev Dr Richard Howell, General Secretary of the Evangelical Fellowship of India, the group shouted at the sisters saying, "We are Hindus and we do not want you here."

They then assaulted two sisters, trying to lock one of them into a room. The sisters managed to escape from them and lodged a complaint with police against the unidentified attackers at Gandhi Nagar Police Station, Bhopal.

The National Minority Commission has taken up the complaint and promised to take appropriate action.

The convent has been working for underprivileged people in the local community for the last six years.

Investigation Officer Inspector Jha told the Evangelical Fellowship of India that 13 people have been arrested and sent to the Bhopal Central Jail. Nine of them have been released on bail.

Dr Howell appealed for prayers. "Kindly pray for Gods protection on Novitiate of the Presentation Sisters and also for the justice to be granted to the sisters," he said.