Hillsong's Cass Langton cannot wait to sing 'O Praise The Name' on Easter

HillsongHillsong United's Cass Langton cannot wait to sing "O Praise The Name" on Easter.

Hillsong United's Cass Langton cannot wait to sing the song "O Praise The Name" on Easter, and she hopes the song will be used as a vessel by Christians to become closer to God.

The song is written by Marty Sampson, and Cass says that the song conveyed the story of Jesus in a way that overwhelmed her. The lyrics captivated her and introduced the Gospel story in a whole different light.

"I felt the emotions of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ all over again — I could hardly wait to hear our church worship to this song," she wrote in the Hillsong blog.

And when they first played the song a few Sunday nights ago, Cass was not disappointed with what she saw. The look on people's faces showed the same exact emotions Cass felt when she first sang "O Praise The Name."

"I looked around as Marty led the song for the first time... our church were captivated, singing as if they'd known the song their whole life, cheering as they again remembered that our Saviour is returning, caught up in the wonder of Easter and our God's majesty," she described.

Cass said that the song is a gift to people and their church, and she hopes that the song will give a "new language" to express the timeless story of Jesus' sacrifice.

The singer added that wherever people find themselves this Easter, the important thing is that they are reminded of what Christ did to save mankind.

"Our prayer is that Christ would be at the centre, that we would lead people into His presence — that songs like this would speak the truth of the Gospel and call home the lost and the broken. Together, let us lead the people of God in glorious pursuit of Him," she said.