Hillsong's Brian Houston shares the highs and lows of his faith journey in new book LIVE LOVE LEAD

Senior pastor of Hillsong Brian Houston talks about his book LIVE LOVE LEAD.Instagram / Hillsong

Hillsong Church's Brian Houston is excited about his new book called LIVE LOVE LEAD, which talks about his journey towards faith and the challenges he faced along the way.

"Over the last 18 months I have poured my heart into a book about the highs and lows, mountains and valleys of my life, love and leadership journey," he wrote in the Hillsong website.

"This manuscript is filled with both personal and leadership stories that many have never heard me speak about before – from the time I was a young boy, to the early days of Hillsong Church, to the present-day realities and adventures we are facing right now!"

Houston said that while he was writing the book, he discovered that Jesus has a vision for His people, and that is for them to live a big life. However, in order to achieve this, people must first go through a difficult path and conquer several roadblocks.

The more people walk through the narrow gate with Jesus though, the more they are guaranteed to find a glorious future - and that is abundant an eternal life.

"Your own journey is a story worth telling and my heartfelt prayer is that as you read LIVE LOVE LEAD, God will speak to you in a fresh and personal way and revive your heart for all of the infinite possibilities of a full, purposeful and overflowing life," he said. "That your relationship with Jesus will deepen as you not only dream big about the future, but learn to trust in the One who holds it all together."

Houston is grateful for all the support that has been given to him while he was writing the book, and says that the messages of encouragement he has received through e-mail and social media helped him finish the project that is so dear to his heart.