Hillsong's Brian Houston overwhelmed by positive response to 'LIVE LOVE LEAD'

Senior Hillsong pastor Brian Houston thanks all those supporting him in his new book 'LIVE LOVE LEAD.'(Instagram / Hillsong)

Hillsong Church's Brian Houston is extremely grateful for the positive response he has received over his new book entitled "LIVE LOVE LEAD," which he wrote in hopes of inspiring people during the highs and lows of their lives.

Houston shared his appreciation in the Hillsong blog. He wrote: "I am overwhelmed by the love and support that I have received over my new book, 'LIVE LOVE LEAD.' Messages from old and new friends, members of our congregation both here and overseas have encouraged me more than you know."

He considers it a huge blessing that he got the opportunity to speak to people in his church and the recent Hillsong Conference. They have asked him to sign their copies of "LIVE LOVE LEAD," and Houston hopes to do more of it.

"I really do believe that to this point, this book is my life's' work and I am heartfelt in my prayer that it enlarges your life, stretches your vision, blesses your heart and points people to Jesus," he said.

Houston believes that every person has a story worth telling. He hopes that every person who reads "LIVE LOVE LEAD" will develop a fresh and personal way on how to revive their hearts for Jesus Christ, and forge a deep relationship with Him as they dream of a bigger, brighter, and better future.

"It's been my own discovery that Jesus wants us to live a BIG LIFE (Vision), which is sometimes discovered on a DIFFICULT PATH (Roadblocks along the way), but as we walk through the NARROW GATE (following Jesus), we will find a GLORIOUS FUTURE (abundant and eternal life)," he said.