Hillsong Church to launch own TV channel to 'exalt Jesus and empower people' 24/7

Senior Hillsong pastor Brian Houston says their new Hillsong Channel is a 'full-time, supernatural, miraculous — stand in awe and be amazed — type opportunity' that will touch even more lives.(Instagram / Hillsong)

International Christian ministry Hillsong Church is going to launch its own television channel this summer called Hillsong Channel, and it will feature 24 hours of worship and ministry from internationally acclaimed pastors and teachers.

The channel is made in partnership with the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), according to CBN. "We are excited and honored to welcome the Hillsong Channel as the newest member of the Trinity Broadcasting Family of Networks," said TBN Chairman Matthew Crouch.

"This powerful new praise and worship network will offer an amazing opportunity for us to reach a whole new generation of viewers with the message of hope and grace as we partner with the most iconic and far-reaching presence in contemporary Christian music," he added.

Meanwhile, Senior Pastor Brian Houston shared his excitement over the new channel during his message at the Hills Campus congregation in Sydney, Australia.

"This new aspect of the Hillsong global vision is unlike anything we have launched up to this point," he said. "It'll be a continuous, 24/7 feed that will be exalting Jesus and empowering people for every part of life."

Houston added that they will take over the existing Church Channel, rebranding it as Hillsong Channel to "look very much like us."

Hillsong Channel is expected to reach over 60 million homes in the U.S. once it launches on June 15. The channel will showcase dynamic worship groups, singers, and songwriters, including Hillsong United, Young and Free, Reuben Morgan, and Joel Houston, among many others.

The megachurch will utilise a full-time studio based in Orange County, Californa to operate the network. The church will also have access to studios in different cities around the world, such as New York, Los Angeles, London, and Madrid.

"We're going to be well ready for June when we start a literally full-time, supernatural, miraculous — stand in awe and be amazed — type opportunity," said Houston.