Hillsong Church to Launch New Ministry in Paris

The Hillsong Church, well-known for its music ministry and vivid worship service in the world, will soon plant a new branch in Paris, France. It is an initiative of the Hillsong Church in London, aiming to set up the foundation of Gospel for the future generation in Europe.

The launch of Hillsong Church London in Paris will be held on Friday 23rd September at 8:30pm. Pastor Brain Houston, the founder of the Hillsong Church worldwide, will attend this first Friday night service in Paris. The grand event will take place at Espace Saint Martin, 199 bis, rue Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris.

Already there are Connect groups that meet at 1:00pm every Sunday at Port de Champerret, Maison Laffitte and Val de Fontenay. Hillsong Life events on Friday nights have also provided great ways to meet people.

Paul Nevison of Hillsong Church London said, "The goal is to see a vibrant church built in the heart of Paris that represents God well and shows Christianity in a relevant way."

France is an official secular state even though it has been deeply influenced by Catholicism throughout history. The population of France is approximately 60 million. The vast majority of the population is Roman Catholic, but only 8 percent of the population are practicing Catholics. Protestants make up 2 percent of the population. The presence of Hillsong Church, a Pentecostal and charismatic group, is expected to open a new vision for Christians in the country.

The Hillsong Church was first started by Pastor Brian Houston and his wife Bobbie in Sydney in 1983. Today it is considered to be the largest church in Australia with an average total of 17,500 worshippers every weekend. There are also large congregations in London and Kiev. Paris will become the fourth city in the world where the Hillsong Church has been planted.

The other ministries include Hillsong Music Australia, Hillsong Foundation, Hillsong Network, Hillsong Conference and the Hillsong International Leadership College. The Hillsong weekly television program is currently broadcasted out to 120 nations.