Here's a great answer for atheists who ask 'why should I bother with God?'


Why should atheists bother with God? One non-believer wrote world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham and asked that very question. The atheist said his life is fine without God, and God would probably make him stop doing a lot of things he enjoys if he becomes a Christian.

Graham answered the atheist's question with another question: "What do you suppose would happen to you if God didn't 'bother' with you? In other words, what would happen to you if God forgot all about you or ignored you or refused to have anything to do with you?" he wrote on his website.

The evangelist said without God, people's lives would end immediately because people are dependent on God for everything. Graham said God supplies people with absolutely everything they need for their lives, so He created the world and provided them with the physical laws to understand how it operates.

"Yes, you can leave God out of your life — but why would you? Don't be deceived; life isn't always going to be the way it is right now for you. Someday sickness or loneliness or death will catch up with you. Why wait until then to turn to God?" Graham continued.

Earlier, Graham was asked by one believer why some atheists are kind, while some people who supposedly follow God's Word are downright horrible.

Graham answered that not every Christian is unpleasant, although some admittedly are. In the same vein, not every atheist is unkind either. But in a world that's filled with cruelty and thoughtlessness, Graham said people should be thankful for every good person they meet.

"Why is your atheist friend like this? By God's grace, some people simply have been blessed with a sunny and kind personality, or they had parents who taught them to be kind. Perhaps this was her situation," he said. "But I do know this: Your friend isn't this way because of her atheism, but in spite of it."

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