Helping young women be their best: Project Inspired founder shares her story

Nicole's free e-book will be available on 24 March

The founder of the largest online community of Christian teen girls is releasing a free e-book, available exclusively to members.

Project Inspired is an online resource that covers a huge range of topics including body image, dating, health and beauty tips, culture, modest fashion and articles about growing in faith for young women.

Regular live chats are held with Christian women of influence including Weider - a former Victoria's Secret model – and there is also a popular 'Girls Talk' forum, where young women can share stories and advice.

Weider began the website after feeling called by God to reach out to young girls who are struggling with their identity in the face of mixed messages from the media and the constant bombardment from advertising. She wanted to provide a safe place for young women to encourage and inspire one another to live in a way that is honouring to God.

"I realised there weren't a lot of Christian websites out there for teen girls to read, and so I wanted to create one where they could come to know God as well as read about other current issues that all girls face," she says.

"Using my experience as a platform, I'd like to be a voice that's out there to help others – especially young women – be their best selves.

"By questioning cultural norms, exposing the truth of media exploitation, and finding and sharing inspiration from scripture and my own life, I can show those who seek it what it means to be a person of value and confidence."

Her new book documents her own journey to faith, from her childhood in Oregon to spending her teenage years in LA pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. While working as a model she found herself constantly under pressure to lose weight and change her appearance, and ended up modelling lingerie.  It was at this point, after sinking into depression and turning to God, she became a Christian. 

She decided to quit the industry and use her life to inspire and encourage girls to dress modestly and cherish their God-given beauty.

"The glamour, glitz and the lights had a dark side that terrified me," she said. 

She now dedicates her life to helping young women to see themselves as God does: "My personal inspiration is to reach as many girls as possible to share with them the message of hope and forgiveness through Jesus."

'Into the Light: My Journey from the Glare of Hollywood to the Glow of God's Love' will be available to Project Inspired members on 24 March. To join the online community, sign up for free at