Half Of Anglicans Now See Nothing Wrong With Gay Couples

Half of Anglicans now believe there is 'nothing wrong at all' with same-sex relationships, according to a new survey.

The latest NatCen's British Social Attitudes findings comes before the Church of England's ruling body is to vote on a report that refuses to change teaching on marriage being between one man and one woman.


The figures reveal 50 per cent of people who self-identify as Anglican do not see gay relationships as wrong.

The statistics are not measured from regular churchgoers but among those who say they are Anglican in the survey.

They highlight a softening in attitudes towards gay relationships with just 17 per cent of Anglicans saying same-sex relationships are 'always wrong'. This is the lowest since the survey was first measured in 1983 when the same figure was 51 per cent.

There was a marked difference between Anglicans and other religious groups with 73 per cent of those with no religion saying they didn't see a problem with gay relationships.

Among non-Christian religions the level of acceptance was much lower with only 31 per cent saying same sex relationships were not wrong.

The survey, published on Tuesday, comes as the Church of England is debating a report on same sex relationships.

A campaign to reject the report, written by bishops, is gathering momentum and a vote is expected later on Wednesday.