'Half-Life 3' release date rumors: 'Half-Life 2: Episode Three' cancelled; full sequel instead?

A screenshot from 'Half Life 2: Episode One'. The next 'Half Life' game remains one of the most highly anticipated games.Half Life 2: Episode One website

A follow-up to the "Half-Life" series has been rumored for so long that "Half-Life 3" has already achieved a near-mythical status in the gaming industry. However, should the new speculations be proven true, fans may see their wishes granted, and with an unexpected twist.

Reportedly, instead of a continuation of "Half-Life 2: Episode Two," fans might get to see a full sequel to the franchise, "Half-Life 3."

According to Mirror Online, a supposed leak containing a trove of information about the upcoming title appeared online. Reportedly, a document was shared on website Pastebin, and the post allegedly contained information about the upcoming "Half-Life 3" game.

The report mentioned that according to the document, the previously planned "Half-Life 2: Episode Three" continuation for the franchise has been canceled by Valve. Instead, players will get to experience a sequel to the series, dubbed "Half-Life 3."

"Half-Life 3" will reportedly be the official title of the game. Meanwhile, although the post did not contain any detail on what the story and plot will be, it may be that the upcoming title will be a different take on the "Half-Life" universe, given that it will not be a continuation of "Half-Life 2: Episode Two." However, assets and mechanics may also be retained from the franchise so that players may feel familiar with the title.

The report also mentioned that contrary to earlier rumors, "Half-Life 3" will not be built with virtual reality gaming support, at first; VR gaming may come as an add-on to the title. This dovetails with reports of the Vive VR gear having above-average specs requirements, as this means that even without upgrading their computers, players can still enjoy "Half-Life 3."

In the end though, while the post claimed that the information came from inside sources, fans should take the details as hearsays, pending confirmation from developer Valve.