'Half Life 3' news: sequel still in limbo after a decade; E3 2016 to reveal more?

Although conflicting speculations and supposed leaks are the only resources about the near-mythical "Half-Life 3" game, fans still hope that the sequel will finally make a confirmed appearance at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo.

According to GameNGuide, a decade after the previous franchise title was released, "Half-Life 3" remains on every hardcore fan's wish list. Unsupported rumors have claimed that fans will have to wat for at least two years more as the game may have a 2018 release. However, the industry follower says these claims remain hearsay as Valve is steadfastly silent about whether there really is a "Half Life 3" in the works.

As for its CEO, Gabe Newell has been quoted previously as stating that it is up to the developers if they want to continue with the "Half Life" series or not. Newell has been reportedly saying, "The only reason we'd go back and do like a super classic kind of product is if a whole bunch of people just internally at Valve said they wanted to do it and had a reasonable explanation for why."

Given this scenario, much will have changed between "Episode 2" and the much-rumored "Half Life 3," since most of the original team may have already opted out of Valve. For instance, main series writer Marc Laidlaw has already resigned from the company, though he has said nothing about the rumors that he already has laid out the story of "Half Life 3" before he left Valve.

Meanwhile, fans still hope that "Half Life 3" will make a much-awaited surprise appearance at the E3, particularly amidst the speculations that the sequel will be taking advantage of virtual reality. With most of VR-related content already up and running, an E3 2016 appearance for one of the most-awaited games in the industry is certainly plausible.