Hailey Baldwin looks cool in Hillsong baseball cap for church service, says she will raise her kids Christian

(PHOTO: Instagram/Hailey Baldwin)Hailey Baldwin attended a Hillsong Church service wearing a 'Hillsong Hustlers' cap.

People love copying whatever the stars are wearing, so when supermodel Hailey Baldwin stepped out wearing a Hillsong Church cap, she was indirectly promoting the church and getting more people curious about her Christian faith.

Baldwin wore the red "Hillsong Hustlers" cap when she stepped out in L.A. on Wednesday and attended service. She paired the cap with a loose-fitting white cargo shirt and matching trainers, according to the Daily Mail. Baldwin completed the look by sporting all-white trainers.

When she stepped out of the church, Baldwin replaced the bright red cap with a black one.

Hillsong has a lot of celebrity members. Aside from Baldwin, her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, singer Selena Gomez, "Guardians of the Galaxy" star Chris Pratt, and "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star Kourtney Kardashians are just some of the few high-profile people who often attend their jam-packed services.

Even though Hillsong's popular attendees do help make the church look interesting, Baldwin earlier told Yahoo7 Be that being part of the church is not "about making religion cool" but rather "vocalising (that) spirituality is OK."

Stephen Baldwin's daughter said that she started going to church on her own when she was 16 or 17. When travelling in Sydney sometime late 2015, Baldwin decided to meet up with Hillsong Church's founder Brian Houston and his wife, Bobbie. "I've known them for a while and I wanted to be able to go see Brian and Bobbie who started the church out here," she said.

Baldwin added that she was raised in a Christian household, and when she has children of her own, she also plans to raise them up as God-fearing individuals. "My parents are both very devout Christians so it's something that has shaped my character today and I'll continue to pursue and one day when I have my own kids they will be raised the exact same way," she revealed.