GTX 980 Ti release: New specs leaked

GeForce GTX 980 by Nvidia[Photo credit: GeForce]

The specs of the new GTX 980 Ti from Nvidia has been recently leaked, but the highly anticipated release date for the new graphics card is still undisclosed to the public.

The elusive information about the exact date of release of the new graphics card is still unknown, but lots of speculations from different gadget watchers have been posted since late 2014. Some reports claim that the power packed Nvidia GTX 980 Ti graphics card will come out early this year, while others are saying that it will reach the public in late 2016. However, KDramaStars stated that the new graphics card will be released in February this year. 

The new GeForce GTX 980 Ti is described as an enthusiast graphics card that is manufactured using the second update of the Maxwell architecture. The graphics card is rumored to come out with a DirectX 12.0 Support (11.0 Hardware Default) as well as support for SLI, VXGI, MFAA, GameStream, G-SYNC, GPU Boost 2.0, GeForce Experience, PhysX and other technologies. 

There are also speculations saying that the upcoming 551 mm 2 die graphics card with a 20-22 SMM will have at least 2560 and 2816 CUDA cores resting on a 384-bit memory bus. This is a significant upgrade from GeForce GTX 980 and 970 graphics card variants that have 256-bit bus. It will also come in the market in 6 GB and 8 GB memory varieties. 

Its GPU will reportedly have a code name of GM200-300-A1. This will allegedly have 20 SM activated with 2560 Shader Processing Units. It will also have 150 TMUs as well as 96 ROPs on top of a 384-bit memory interface of fast GDDR5. 

There are no confirmations yet about the central unit runs of the upcoming graphics card, but its memory clock can reportedly operate at around 1753 MHz. 

Regarding its possible price range, the GTX 980 Ti may cost something between $700 up to $1000.

The leaked specs are yet to be confirmed for validity by Nvidia.