'GTA 5 Online Heists' DLC update: Expansion pack to include tsunami, avalanche, Pegasus and health timer


The "Heists" DLC for "Grand Theft Auto V" is set to come out soon. There never really was a concrete explanation detailing its frustrating delay but there is new word that "Heists" did not arrive on time because Rockstar is working on another DLC.

Ardent "GTA" leakster and YouTube user Domislive has detailed his new find, which involves environmental elements in the game. As the tipster rummaged into the source codes, he came across lines that point to the integration of a tsunami and avalanche. He believes that these catastrophic elements will serve as hurdles to players as they carry out their missions. However, Domislive said that these only work on the PS4 and the Xbox One and went as far as to claim that a new DLC called "North Yankton" is in the works but no further details have been provided. 

More and more fans are itching to see "Heists," leading them to dig for some details that will give them a clue on what they are actually waiting for. 

Another YouTube user named TwoDynamic details more features that are expected to make it to the DLC. First is the Pegasus Emergency, which gives users a new contact that can deliver emergency vehicles for the stealth operations. Another is Player JP Metered, which just means that job points, which will be useful in "Heists" missions, will be metered. A new feature buys game character Jeff more time to run away without health damage. Lastly, there is one where players can determined the duration of time they can use rented emergency vehicles. 

Rockstar delayed the release of the PC version of "GTA V" as well as the "Heists" DLC. The former will instead come out on March 24, but the Online Heists for consoles will arrive a few weeks earlier.