'GTA 5' DLC rumors: New 'Lowrider' expansion releasing this month?

GTA VRockstar Games

One of the best features in "Grand Theft Auto V" is that the story, items, and missions stay interesting and even continue to get better. The game itself keeps on expanding due to the updates and DLCs that its developer and publisher, Rockstar Games, constantly releases. 

However, the most recent updates for the online title, the two-part "Ill-Gotten Gains," might have been targeted for hardcore players who have been in the game for a long time. Although the new content introduced by the updates can be purchased by every player, the high prices of the new weapons, vehicles, and accessories make it seem like they are only for characters who already have significant in-game cash and want to "live luxuriously."  

To balance the game, will Rockstar Games release a new update geared toward starting players, or those who can only accommodate purchases up to a point? Rumor mills think so. 

Recent reports suggest that the developer is coming out with a new update soon. According to speculations, the recent events in "GTA Online" such as the double RP and extra cash rewards are indicators that another update is coming, as Rockstar Games probably wants more players to level up faster and save some in-game cash for an influx of new items. 

In addition, this year's updates seem to be parallel to those of last year's. According to IBTimes, the first and second parts of "Ill-Gotten Gains" are much like the "Business" and "High Life" updates from last year. If the sequence of updates will be the same, fans will most likely see a "Lowrider" DLC, or at least a sequel to the "Hipster" update.

Tipster and "GTA" observer funmw2 has been quoted from the GTA Forums saying, "It's my speculation. Because if you take a look at Ill-Gotten Gains, it's actually one update but have two parts so it is a combination of High Life update and Business update. The same thing could happen with this 'Low' update."