'GTA V Casino' DLC release date as next update?

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It has been months since the new update to "Grand Theft Auto 5" was released. But even while players are currently busy with "Online Heists," they are still clamoring for a new update, and hardcore fans of the open-world exploration and city role-playing title are wondering if Rockstar Games plans on releasing a gambling-themed update next. 

The rumored "GTA V Casino" expansion is just a product of fervent fans' wish lists right now, but recent leaks suggest that a casino-inspired DLC pack may not be too far out for the next "GTA V" expansion. 

According to Master Herald, new information regarding a new expansion surfaced online courtesy of "Grand Theft Auto" fan and occasional tipster Funmw2. In the report, it was rumored that with the new DLC, a new location called Clifford City will be opened up for players to explore. Additionally, there are also leaked source code information hinting that the new update would feature the grand opening of the Los Santos Casino, with players able to play casino games such as slot machines and poker. Additionally, the new update will reportedly allow players to bet on horse races, pink slip racing, and play the lottery. 

Rumors on an upcoming update also swelled to fever pitch when Rockstar Games announced on its website an upcoming new content. 

With a new image of an intricately-modeled pistol and a vintage sports car with Gullwing doors, Rockstar Games announced, "We are also working on another update coming soon that will feature some very cool new toys for you to enjoy and flaunt with your ill-gotten gains." 

The announcement and teaser image have confirmed that, indeed, there will be an upcoming update on the online version of "Grand Theft Auto V," and whether it would be adding casino-inspired locales or a new mission for the main characters involving gambling funds, it is guaranteed that the new update will still be central to the main story in the current Rockstar Games title.