'GTA V Online' update: Revolutionary Transform Races mode coming soon

Rockstar Games website"GTA V Online" reveals new game modes Transform Races, Condemned and Dogfight

This autumn promises to be an exciting season for fans of "Grand Theft Auto V Online" as Rockstar confirms its upcoming batch of downloadable content (DLC). Three new exciting modes, including Transform Races, Condemned and Dogfight, will soon be added to the game, with more updates still to come.

The first mode expected to be available later this month is Transform Races, which is dubbed as "the next evolution of stunt racing in Grand Theft Auto Online." This will allow players to instantly switch vehicles and race types — from land one second to the air or the sea the next — thanks to the flawless transition of unique stunt tracks. All means of transportation will be utilized, from race cars to off-roads, boats to jet skis, planes to helicopters, and even a back-up parachute for when it really gets rough.

In its official announcement, Rockstar said players will be able to "jump instantly from the curves of a gritty, downtown street race straight into a speeding jet high above Los Santos, then dive face first down Raton Canyon on a jet ski and more."

Before the year ends, a couple of Adversary Modes — Condemned and Dogfight — will also come into play. Specific details have yet to be revealed but the gaming company did give a gist of what to expect in these two DLC.

Condemned will be a free-for-all mode with one player basically as good as dead. His only chance of survival would be to pass on his death sentence to another opponent. Dogfight, meanwhile, will take place up in the air as the player battles with the most skilled pilots to find out the best of the best.

Apart from the new game modes, new vehicles and stunt props will also be available later this year, including what looks a lot like a batmobile.

Rockstar adds players can expect "new Weaponized Vehicles and inventory updates at Legendary Motorsport, new properties coming on the market via Maze Bank Foreclosures and more."