'Grimm' season 4: Promotional photos for new season revealed

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Season four of NBC's supernatural cop drama series "Grimm" will kick off with a bang.  It will feature new cast members, including Deputy Janelle Farris (played by "Franklin & Bash" actress Toni Trucks), a tough sheriff who will seek Nick's help with a suspicious highway crime scene.

The show's protagonist, Nicholas "Nick" Burkhardt (David Giuntoli), will have to investigate a salvage-yard owner (played by "Warehouse 13" star Erick Avari) whose business seems to be linked to the series of highway disappearances.

But fans can expect that it won't be easy for Nick.  In the last season's finale, Nick lost his ability to see the Wesen, the mythological creatures that are only visible to Grimms.  To overcome this difficulty, he will have to ask help from Theresa "Trubel" Rubel, who will serve as his "seeing-eye" Grimm.

Entertainment Weekly also released images of several Wesen that will be seen in the fourth season of "Grimm."

One of the creatures is a part-man, part-octopus Wesen that is able to dig into its victim's head and suck memories using its four tentacles.  Another Wesen is a demon beast with long bottom fangs, which are meant to depict ruthlessness and selfishness.

NBC also released promotional photos on the upcoming season of "Grimm," which gives fans a sneak peek on what the fourth season of the show will bring.  This includes a photo showing Juliette Silverton, the protagonist's girlfriend, dressed in a lavender cocktail dress and black heels, in shock as she grasps the idea that somebody has sneaked into her house while she was away and has caused quite a havoc.

In another photo, Juliette is shown with an injured Trubel with cops in the background.  Trubel can also be seen looking at Nick while he appears to be talking to somebody.

The pilot episode of "Grimm" season 4, "Thanks to the Memories," will air on NBC on Friday, Oct. 24 at 9 p.m.