'Grey's Anatomy' season 12: Sarah Drew teases April and Jackson's fate

April and Jackson's marriage woes won't be addressed readily when "Grey's Anatomy" season 12 returns on air. But the former's essayer Sarah Drew promises that it will be dealt with step by step in the upcoming episodes.

"You get little snippets [of what happened between them] in 9 and 10, but 11 is a big one," the actress teased in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. The star went so far as to say that the said installment will be "an epic journey and every actor's dream."

Much like fans of the couple, Drew believes that Japril will find their way back together. Whether or not that will happen in "Grey's Anatomy" season 12 remains to be seen but Drew likes to be positive about it.

"As long as they're alive, there is always hope. No matter what, they really, desperately love one another. They're in a really rough spot, but there is always hope," the actress said of the couple.

In the midseason finale of "Grey's Anatomy" season 12, Jackson was supposed to tell something to his wife. There's no telling whether it will be good news for April or not but it's certain that he will blurt it out pretty soon.

However, like Drew said, the reveal won't happen immediately. When "Grey's Anatomy" season 12 resumes, the focus will be on Meredith, whose life will be gravely threatened in the new season.

According to Kelly McCreary, who plays Maggie in the series, Meredith will be "physically impaired in a way that she has not been before" after a violent attack at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The star also teased that Meredith has the power to decide her fate.

The "Grey's Anatomy" season 12 midseason premiere titled "The Sound of Silence" was directed by multi-award winning actor Denzel Washington and will air on Feb. 11 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.