'Gran Turismo Sport' release date news: Racing game with new cars and features arriving in October

Polyphony Digital"Gran Turismo Sport" will be released in October.

The last installment of the "Gran Turismo" series came out four years ago. Now, a new series called "Gran Turismo Sport" will hit the market later this year with new and exciting features.

Game developer Polyphony Digital is set to reveal "Gran Turismo Sport" this fall but prior to the launch, they will be unveiling new details on the features of the upcoming game including its campaign mode, vehicles and courses. The title will also support the PlayStation VR headset with a virtual reality mode.

The release announcement comes after the closing of the beta which began on March 17 and gave participants a peek at how the game will pave the future of virtual racing, which is by taking part in highly competitive races across the country and around the globe.

In the "Gran Turismo Sport" beta, players got a glimpse of the game's features and mechanics. There were different track and car selections, as well as different race class categories and course configurations.

Beta players also got to experience the new Driver Profile system which introduced the "Sportsmanship Rating." This feature monitored players' behavior and manners on the track. "Driver Rating" was introduced as well and evaluated the players' speed and how well they performed.

The beta experience will figure largely in the coming announcement of the cars and tracks that will be featured in "Gran Turismo Sport."

The newest "Gran Turismo" game was initially set to release in 2016 but Polyphony Digital had to delay it because they wanted to improve the physics-based rendering and sound simulations. They also wanted to emphasize the competitive nature of the game to give players the authentic feel and experience of being in a racing game.

"Gran Turismo Sport" for the PlayStation 4 will be released in North America on Oct. 17 and in Europe on Oct. 18. It can be pre-ordered now at the PlayStation Store.