Gracie Gold boyfriend Gus Kenworthy? [PHOTO]: Today show interview indicates they 'maybe' in relationship

Gracie Gold and Gus KenworthyTwitter/GraceEGold

Gracie Gold has quickly emerged as Team USA's golden girl at this month's Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi, Russia. Gold will be competing in this week's Ladies Singles Figure Skating competition, going up against South Korean favorite, Yuna Kim, and Russian teen sensation, Julia Lipnitskaia. While Gold comes increasingly under the spotlight aiming for a podium finish, her relationship with Gus Kenworthy has been in the news, with some touting he is Gold's boyfriend.

Kenworthy appeared on the Today Show recently, and commented on his relationship with Gracie Gold.

He admitted that he had been "hanging out" with Gold, and also left indications that there might be more than just friendship between the pair.

"We've been hanging out together," said Gus Kenworthy on the Today show.

When asked directly about whether there was anything more going on between them behind the scenes, Kenworthy seemed hesitant to give a straight answer, and with his hesitation came the greatest indicator that there maybe more between them. He answered, "No, well maybe."

Fans immediately took to social media sites and forums, with many highlighting that his "well, maybe" answer was either a clear yes, or more likely things were heading that way, but perhaps the pair had not had time to discuss the precise definition of their relationship yet.

Gus Kenworthy and Gracie Gold reportedly met through a mutual sponsor before the Winter Olympics in Sochi, and even though they have been touted as potential boyfriend and girlfriend right now, there is in fact very little official detail of them "hanging out."

No doubt, Gold has been working flat out on practicing her routines for her Ladies Singles competition that gets underway on Wednesday. Fans can watch Gracie Gold in action through live stream by clicking here, and highlights of her performances will be shown on NBC on Wednesday and Thursday night in the U.S.

As for Gracie Gold's relationship with potential boyfriend Gus Kenworthy, we'll no doubt have to wait until after the Sochi Olympics to find out.