Gospel Singer Carman to Release New Song About Donald Trump and the Elections: 'It's Gonna Be Crazy!'

Gospel singer Carman, seen here taking a selfie, has written a new song called 'President Trump Blues.'(Facebook/Carman Licciardello)

Christian singer Carman Licciardello, known simply as Carman, plans to release on Jan. 19 a new song about U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and the "wild ride of an election."

On his Facebook page, the singer earlier told his fans to mark their calendars for "this coming Tuesday [Jan. 10] at 6:00 PCT/ 9:00 EST" because "I'll be going old school and premiering a new song with just me and my guitar. Like I used to back in the day. But this time, YOU GET TO HELP."

However, Carman later updated his post to announce a new date for the release of his new song: Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017, which coincides with his birthday. The song, which he started to call the "President Trump Blues," has already been finished and he's quite excited to share it with his fans.

"So please mark down the change. It's so close I had to do it. You all have been so supportive the past few years through my fight with incurable cancer and comeback to the stage after 14 years that I wanted to do something special," he said.

"You tell me what points you think the song should include. You've watched the news and have lots of observations. So chime in and let's do this together," he urged. "Post your ideas in the comments below and I'll do my best to include them in this new song. And if there's any topic you want me to comment on, post that too. Here we go... we're gonna have some fun."

Carman is sure of one thing: The song he's going to write together with his fans is going to be "crazy."

His post has received over 2,500 likes and over a thousand comments.

He thanked fans for being honest about their feelings and views, and he said he took a satirical approach in writing the song. Carman even thinks "both sides" of the political spectrum will come to appreciate it.