Chromebook 2014: Pros and cons of Google's low-price laptop

[Photo source: Samsung]

Google Chromebooks are making the rounds again after Google announced that it is throwing in 1 TB of Drive storage to buyers for two years. In the past, Google only gave users 100 GB of storage.  Buyers will have to redeem their free storage before Jan. 1, 2015. 

Cloud storage is one of the assets of Google Chromebooks which owners can use to store files, documents, music and photos. Other than the huge storage space in the cloud, here are some other pros of owning Google's laptop, along with some cons to help buyers decide whether the device is the right one for them or not. 


Low Price 

Google Chromebooks are incredibly cheap compared to other laptops in the market, with prices starting at $199. It is considered to be within the range of affordable laptops, which is highly preferred by buyers. 

Better Security 

Google Chromebooks run with Chrome OS that has a built-in virus and malware protection that intensify the security of the laptops. 

Automatic Software Updates 

Since the laptops run with Chrome OS, the devices receive automatic software updates. Also, the operating system updates in the background. Thus, the notebooks are constantly upgraded in terms of firmware and do not miss any app. 


Most Google Chromebooks are very light making the device portable and easy to carry in any luggage. 


No Disc Drive 

Google Chromebooks do not come with a disc drive. Thus, all of the apps come from the Chrome OS. For those who need a laptop for checking mail, viewing social network and some word processing, these notebooks can do the job. However, those who need a high-performing laptop for various software, like for graphic design or video editing, may need a laptop with CD drive and higher specs. Even Skype does not work in Chromebooks since it is owned by Microsoft. 

Need Internet Connection to Run Apps 

Another setback of Google Chromebooks is it constantly needs Internet connection to run the apps. This laptop may not be fit for users who do a lot of offline work. 

Sync Accounts and Passwords 

Google Chromebooks sync all of a user's accounts and passwords in various apps like Gmail. Although this is a good thing when syncing data, this poses a threat that the accounts may be hacked should the laptop get lost or stolen.