God appears in the skies above Cape Coral?

Social media weighs in on striking photo.


Unique cloud formations were captured in a Cape Coral, Florida photo this week, and some viewers called the images heavenly.

A mountainous cloud formation was likened to an image of God standing majestically over the earth, and a smaller formation to the right was interpreted as an angel, bowing slightly, and perhaps playing a trumpet.

The picture was taken by a Huffington Post employee and uploaded to their website on Tuesday.

Seeing religious images in clouds is not a new phenomenon, but sharing those images with millions of people worldwide is a product of the internet age and the social media boom.

"Picture taken today in Florida," a California woman wrote on Twitter of the interesting photograph. "The figure could be a build up of clouds or Maybe of God in robes and his angel gabe."

"This photo blew me away!" a New Jersey woman wrote, sharing the picture on her blog.

The picture and story were also shared on UK website The Daily Mail, where the commentors expressed skepticism.

"Please tell what does The Lord actually look like?" a person in Australia asked. "A cloud of fluff? Huge marshmallow? Soft cotton balls?"

"I see an ad for the Michelin Man or the Pillsbury Doughboy," a man from the UK added.

"Is this an optical illusion? Like a 3D image where you have to stare into it for an hour? All I see is a cloud," a Canadian commenter said.

For viewers who do see something special in the clouds, there is often a personal, spiritual message that accompanies the visual interpretation.

When the "face of God" was spotted in the sky above Norfolk County, England last month, thousands of people were affected by the image.

A face in the clouds, captured by Jeremy Fletcher.Twitter

"God really sees us!!!" one woman wrote on Twitter.

"He came to fetch my father-in-law who died last night," another person shared.

Social media users who saw a photo of storm clouds seemingly parting above a Florida highway last month had a similar reaction.

Joe Zuniga/ Instagram

It's like God is trying to show you the way!! Awesome picture!!" one woman wrote on the photographer's Facebook page.

"God is truly amazing," another person said.

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