God Sends Dream About Hell, Saving Life of All-American Kid Who Got Hooked on Drugs


It was the dream about hell that God sent him that finally pulled him back from the abyss of drug and porn addictions.

Before that, all-American kid Billy Miller found himself sinking deeper and deeper into his vices, unable to stop his free fall, seeing his life disintegrate right before his eyes, according to God Reports.

It was highly ironic that Billy grew up in an affluent Christian home with loving parents in Arcadia, California and later, Scottsdale, Arizona. The family looked good from the outside, even going to church together on Sundays.

Billy has no problem with his parents and he excelled in sports at school. "I was a great football, baseball player and basketball player. I had a good childhood," he said.

Although he believed in God, he admitted then that he "didn't have a relationship with Him," adding that he never prayed and never read the Bible.

At 13 years old, his life began its quick descent when he got hooked on porn. "I was very addicted to it. It was like a drug. I was ashamed but I couldn't quit," he confessed.

Then at 15, he began smoking, and then drinking, followed by marijuana and cocaine. He also used other illicit drugs like Xanax, OxyContin and Ecstasy. When he couldn't afford those expensive drugs anymore, he switched to the much cheaper heroin.

His life became a mess. He got kicked out of his apartment for failure to pay the rent. He moved to a drug house in Tempe and lived on a couch.

"I lost everything. My life was completely destroyed because of my choices. I wanted to quit but I couldn't," he said.

When he couldn't take it anymore, Billy cried out to God for help.

His parents came over, and he confessed what he has done with his life. They tried to help him by getting him to enter a drug and porn rehab facility.

It was on the night before he entered the facility that God answered his prayer, sending him a powerful dream about eternity.

"In the dream I was cast down to hell, falling and falling, the demons were mocking me," he recalled. "I thought I died in my sleep and was going to hell."

The dream had a great impact on Billy. He didn't want to go to hell after dying in sin.

While undergoing rehab, God impressed upon him the need for repentance. Thus began the redemption chapter in his life.

During a chapel service at the rehab facility, he bowed his head and began to pray: "Lord, I want to give my life to you ... Lord, please give me your grace. I want to give my life to you fully. I want to repent."

Billy then felt an indescribable force grabbed his being. "The Lord's love came over me," he said. "I started to weep. God's kindness led me to repentance."

Three years later, Billy was a completely changed man. His addictions were a thing of the past. He doesn't even smoke anymore.

"The Lord has changed me 180 degrees. Now I look like a normal guy, you would never think I was a full-blown drug addict," he said.

Last year, Billy became a missionary to Romania where he takes care of introducing Jesus to "prostitutes, drug addicts, people from all walks of life."

"It's a miracle I'm alive," Billy said. "I should have overdosed from all the drugs I did. God had mercy on me."