'GLOW' season 2 release date news: '80s-style wrestling show renewed; plus-size character inspires its actor

Twitter/GLOWA promotional photo from "GLOW"

With the favorable reception of the first season of the comedy "GLOW," it will be getting another 10-episode run on Netflix. Also, a cast member gets inspired by her plus-size character.

The content streamer announced this week that the wrestling-based series has been renewed for a second season. "GLOW" is a fictionalized story based on the 1986 women's wrestling show "GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling."

In "GLOW," Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie) is a struggling actress who goes from one audition to the next without any success. One day, she stumbles upon an opportunity to audition for a wrestling show, not knowing that it would not require much acting.

Nonetheless, Ruth, along with her best friends Debbie Egan (Betty Gilpin), Cherry Bang (Sydelle Noel), Carmen Wade (Britney Young), join the cast of the wrestling show under the B-movie director Sam Sylvia (Marc Maron).

Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch are the creators and showrunners of "GLOW." They executive produce along with Jenji Kohan, who also is the creator of Netflix's other signature series, "Orange Is the New Black."

In related news, cast member Young spoke with The Mary Sue about how her plus-size wrestling character inspired her in real life. She recounts that because of her size, she was always typecast as the heavy-set, intimidating mean girl in shows and movies. However, when she read the role of Carmen, writers wanted to portray her as a plus-size, gentle giant.

Young reiterated the writers' comments, saying that they wanted the plus-size character to be a "force" but at the same time, "a nice, sweet, and kind person."

"That was just mind-boggling for me, because I haven't seen it before, really," she added.

The kindness of her character and the success of the show have inspired Young to come out of her shell more and learn more about the acting craft.

"GLOW' has not made any announcements yet regarding the season 2 release date or even when production begins. Expect more reports as the situation unfolds.